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Solve Your Entertainment Cravings!

6 Jul

Don’t choose something bland for your “TV Dinner,” instead spice things up with a variety of great movies, documentaries, TV shows, and ebooks!

A Taste of Hunger
A foodie couple is willing to do anything to earn their popular Copenhagen restaurant a Michelin star in A Taste of Hunger.  The movie dramatically jumps back and forth in time; the different segments are defined by symbolic techniques or tastes that when combined make a dish successful such as sweet, salt, and heat, but that may not lead to a successful home life.  Their marriage and family suffer as the restaurants reputation grows. 

Looking for something a little lighter?  Check out No Reservations which stars Catherine Zeta-Jones in the remake of the popular German Comedy, Bella Martha, where an elite chef learns when she becomes her niece’s guardian that there is more to life than work in the kitchen.

Her Name is Chef
Her Name is Chef is a documentary focusing on 6 talented female chefs and the obstacles they overcame to find success in the kitchen.  Her Name is Chef is hosted by NJ chef, Leia Gaccione, who appeared on this season of Top Chef.  Particularly moving is the story-line following Fatima Ali another Top Chef favorite from an earlier season whose battle with cancer is chronicled and adds a bit of bitter with the sweet of her success. 

If you are looking for a second helping of documentaries, Hoopla offers the Japanese documentary Jiro Dreams of Sushi about an 85 year old whose restaurant in a subway station was the first of its kind to win three Michelin stars.

Mexico: One Plate at a Time with Rick Bayless
Successful Mexican Chef, Rick Bayless travels around Mexico and learns more about the people, traditions and of course the cuisine.  He then puts his own spin on authentic dishes.  I enjoyed watching Oaxaca’s Most Magical Holiday (season 9, episode 1) which focused on the Day of the Dead (Dia de Los Muertos).  He shows the different types of traditional bone shaped breads that are prepared and goes step by step through his own version.  

Looking for more Mexican recipes you can prepare?  Check out Craftsy’s Mexican Street Food: Tacos & Salsas series which explains everything you need to make delicious tacos including making your own tortillas in bite sized videos!

The Romance Recipe
by Ruby Barrett
Sophie, a former reality show competitor, has just gotten out of a relationship with a man who asked her to hide her bisexuality, now for the first time she finds herself truly falling for a woman, Amy, the owner of the restaurant where she is head chef. Amy also feels attracted to Sophie, but besides navigating the complexities of their relationship there is also the failing restaurant to contend with. I appreciated the positive and fully developed depictions of bisexual and lesbian characters in this sweet romance, and enjoyed the juicy behind the scenes drama of reality shows that the novel depicts. I fell in love with the advance copy I was provided by eGalley and the publisher.

The Romance Recipe debuts next week, till then the perfect appetizer is book one in the series, Hot Copy, that feature’s Amy’s brother and his workplace romance with Corrine. You can also check out my previous blog post about two other lesbian/bisexual focused foodie competition romances.

Still hungry for more; check out a previous foodie blog about Chef centered TV shows and one on foodie memoirs!

Written by:
Aimee Harris
Information and Digital Services Manager

Missing Oversees Travel?: Visit with Emily in Paris and Welcome to Sweden

26 Jan

I love to travel!  To me there is so much joy in getting to immerse myself in different cultures, see interesting and unusual sights, try new foods and often make new friends whose life experiences are both similar and a world apart from my own.  Covid has put a hold on a lot of my travel plans, but the library has plenty of selections that can take us away for a few hours; here are two of my favorites.

Emily in Paris
Sometimes you just need an escape from your everyday life.  Emily in Paris for me was a great way to get away while not leaving the house during the Pandemic.  In the series Emily, played by Lily Collins, is given the chance of a lifetime to get to work in Paris at a luxury advertising firm.  She doesn’t speak French or understand French culture right away but gradually wins her coworkers over.  She also meets several new friends along the way including a secretly famous Chinese pop star, Mindy, played by Ashley Park, who also brings lots of charm to her role.  Unsurprisingly from a series set in the City of Love and brought to us by the creator of Sex in the City, Darren Star, Emily also encounters several potential romantic interests.  You can borrow Season One from BCCLS libraries on DVD.

Welcome to Sweden
Welcome to Sweden is another charming story about a transplant, in this case an accountant, Bruce, who follows his Swedish girlfriend, Emma, back to Scandinavia and must learn how to fit in with a new culture and possible future in-laws while falling in love.  The series is based on comedian Greg Poehler’s own life experience of moving to Sweden with his girlfriend.  The show lasted two seasons both of which are available from BCCLS libraries on DVD.  The cast is funny and includes the always terrific Lena Olin as Viveka Börjesson, Emma’s mother, and Amy Poehler as a version of herself, an American celebrity, who Bruce works for.

Written by:
Aimee Harris
Information and Digital Services Manager

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