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A Highly Recommended Terrifying Read: The Devil’s Whispers

22 Jun

Haunted castles conjure an image of long, dark hallways, pillowing curtains, and shadowy figures from the corner of your eye. They are the perfect setting for any gothic novel and even better if one is seeking a little horror as well.

This is what The Devil’s Whispers by Lucas Hault sets up for us. We are introduced to British Lawyer, Gerard Woodward, who is summoned to the dreary castle to attend to the last affairs of the castle’s lord, Ferdinand Elvin Mathers. 

The narrative is provided to us in multiple perspectives, Gerard’s journal, Nathan Connolly’s notes, letters, and diary entries from different characters. They help to set the tone of the book and allow us to see the perspective of each of the characters. It’s one that’s not often used, but one that adds an interesting twist. The one drawback to this, however, is that some of the sections are broken up a bit too short and as a result, some readers may feel pulled out by reading a diary entry that’s only a few sentences long.

Then there’s the tone of the book itself, from the start we are shown first hand the type of story we are in for, the creep factor slowly building up and with a tension that carries itself well through the story, the ghosts and ghouls as terrifying as they are meant to be.

For those seeking a terrifying read, The Devil’s Whispers is one that comes highly recommended. Hoboken residents can borrow an ereader or iPad with The Devil’s Whispers ebook along with titles for our book discussions and many popular bestsellers. The ereaders are great when you are travelling, but still want to bring along a HUGE selection of reading materials. Just stop by the reference desk on the second floor of the main branch to check one out or learn more.

Written by:
Lauren Lapinski
Access Services Assistant

Top Notch Action and Eye Pleasing Art: Demon Slayer Manga Volume 2

16 Mar

After facing the loss of their family, Tanjiro and Nezuko continue their journey to become Demon Slayers and find the ones responsible for their tragedies. 

Koyoharu Gotouge once again pulls us back into the world with a new series of adventures, new characters, and new challenges that the protagonists must face head on if they wish to succeed. The action is still top notch, with artwork that continues to be a pleasure to the eye. Things pick up immediately after the events of volume one and introduce us to the one character who will become the center point of the series and the primary antagonist of the series.

It is through this volume (HPL patrons login with your card to access series) that we learn what it will take to restore Nezuko’s humanity and just how dangerous the main antagonist and his followers are as well as a hint of things to come going forward.

Over all, this is a good follow up to volume one and the ending leaves you wanting to read volume three as soon as possible. You can also read my review of the previous volume here.

Written By:
Lauren Lapinski
Access Services Assistant

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