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They Both Die At The End By Adam Silvera

2 Dec

Question: Would you sign up for a service to inform you that you will die sometime in the next 24 hours?

In the book, They Both Die at the End, there is a Multi-billion dollar app called Death-cast, which people sign up to get their number contacted within 24 hours before they die, and it’s never wrong. In this book, the reader gets to step into the shoes of two “count downers” who got the Death-cast call. The author Adam Silvera introduces the reader to the sensitive Mateo Torrez and the rough Rufus Emeterio. These two characters, who cannot be any more different from each other, have a once in a lifetime meeting through another app called the Last Friend so that they have someone to spend their end day with. The reader can’t help but want to know more about these two characters as they reflect on their lives and build a new friendship. I felt humbled to learn who they loved, what they hated, and the condition they wanted to leave the world once their time was up. All of this is done with the background suspense of who dies first. Available as ebooks and digital audiobooks from eLibraryNJ, eBCCLS and Hoopla.

Written by:
Elbie Love
YA Library Associate

Not Your Typical Second Book: Gemina

18 Nov

Gemina breaks the usual conventions that are often found in second books. While almost all second books immediately pick up right after where the first book ended, Gemina introduces us to new characters and a whole new situation that takes place a little during and somewhat after the events of the first book, Illuminae. Jay Kristoff and Aimee Kaufman’s second book of the Illuminae Files Trilogy takes place at Heimdall Station, the same space station the crew in Illuminae were heading for.

The tone in the second book is far different than the one we were given in Illuminae. While the first one had a strong tone of horror, this one gives us a the feel of an action flick with only traces of horror in the background. Despite the tonal shift, however, Kristoff and Kaufman still weave together a tale with new, compelling characters that manages to connect us to the plot and has the same unique formatting from the first book. 

The narrative team up of these authors is once again handled excellently and for those out there who are fans of audiobooks, the audiobook experience for this one does not disappoint and will suck you right in just as the first one did. Gemina is an excellent follow up and will have readers eager to pick up the third and final installment.

Written By:
Lauren Lapinski
Circulation Assistant

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