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Animated Fun for Everyone from Hoopla and the Cartoon Network

7 Jul

Looking for some cute cartoons the whole family will enjoy to watch together this summer?  Hoopla has a variety of shows available from Cartoon Network including everything from the Powerpuff Girls to Ben 10.  I wanted to take a look at five of my favorites (and yes childfree adults who love animation will enjoy them too).

Amazing World of Gumball
The Amazing World of Gumball is one of my son’s favorite shows, but for Gen X and Millennial Parents there are plenty of hip references (everything from music videos to the Golden Girls) for you to enjoy while watching with your kids. Gumball will appeal to fans of The Simpsons with its loving but dysfunctional family, but what makes it unique is an interesting look that merges different styles of animation from traditional hand drawn to stop motion.

We Bare Bears
We Bare Bears stars a talking grizzly bear, polar bear, and panda bear as they go on adventures and cause trouble in the human world around the San Francisco Bay Area.  Their nemesis of course is a famous koala bear.  Some episodes flashback to when the bears were young cubs and first became friends often with touching moments that will resonate for those who have also created their own found families.

Steven Universe
Steven Universe is about a half human/half alien boy and the Crystal Gems who are guardians of humanity.  The show is often embraced for showing that super heroes can have diverse body types and love comes in many forms (it was the first animated series to win a GLAAD Media Award for Outstanding Kids & Family Program in 2019).  For Halloween one year, my family dressed up like Steven and his parents Greg and Rose Quartz.

Adventure Time
One of my favorite shows from Cartoon Network, Adventure Time, stars Finn, one of the last humans, in a post-apocalyptic world  featuring a candy kingdom, an ice king, and my personal favorite- a guitar playing vampire queen.  Finn’s loyal side kick is Jake, a dog with magical powers.  You can check out my previous Adventure Time post when I was discussing Fan Fiction. If you like your high fantasy with a helping of quirky surrealism than check this one out.

Grim Adventures Of Billy & Mandy
What if the Grim Reaper was one of your besties?  Shenanigans occur on both sides of the spirt world when Billy and Mandy befriend the coolest Grim Reaper around in the Grim Adventures of Billy & Mandy.  Looking for more gothy cartoon fare; also checkout Canadian fave Ruby Gloom which is also available from Hoopla.

What are your favorite family friendly cartoons? Share them in our comments!

Written by:
Aimee Harris
Head of Information and Digital Services

Heating Up in the Kitchen: 3 Chef Centered TV Shows from Hoopla

23 Jun

Hungry for some great shows set in the high stress world of the professional kitchen?  Hoboken patrons can stream these three shows from Hoopla!

Chefs is a French Drama that aired from 2015-2016.  It focuses on the owner/chef of a fine dining restaurant and Romain, a new dishwasher, who has just been released from prison and is on probation.  The two find they have more in common than just a talent for creating amazing meals, as they form a bond while struggling with the demons of their past and present.  If you like lots of workplace as well as relationship drama than Chefs should be a winning recipe for you.  So far, I’ve binged the first four episodes and look forward to watching more.  Both Season One and Two are available with English subtitles.  It is rated TV 14 and I would recommend it for an adult audience.

Under the Grill
If you enjoy reality shows, then check out the down under import, Under the Grill, about Celebrity Australian Chef Sean Connolly who is trying to open a fancy steak house in the famous Sky City Grand Hotel in Auckland, New Zealand.  He has $4 million dollars and a deadline of a 100 days to complete the task.  See if he can get it done before the Rugby World Cup.  My son and I watched the first two episodes together and found it fast paced and exciting to learn more about what it takes to open a fine dining restaurant.  Connolly encounters delays when jack hammering for his cantilevered balcony disturbs the convention center above and the spa below.  He also debates using beef from Australia and New Zealand; will he make the right choice?  There are six, 22 minute, episodes available for you to stream.

Delicious is an English dramedy (2016-2019) staring a great cast including Jack Taylor (from Game of Thrones), Dawn French (French & Saunders), and Emilia Fox (Silent Witness).  Chef Leo Vincent (Taylor) owns a hotel whose restaurant he also runs.  In the first episode current younger wife Sam (Fox) suspects he might be cheating on her and goes to his ex-wife Gina (French), also a talented chef, for advice.  What Sam learns and what happens next, including a surprise twist at the end, sets in motion the plot for the rest of the season and series.  Although listed as unrated, due to adult content, I would recommend this series for only a mature audience.  If you enjoy dark British humor with your drama then this may be your cup of tea.  You can enjoy all three seasons of the series from Hoopla.

Foodies will enjoy next week’s post featuring two romances set in the world of competitive baking competitions.

Written by:
Aimee Harris
Head of Information and Digital Services

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