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Where will you go? What will you play?: Video Games Available at HPL

3 Feb

This year our library’s promise is that we will take you to exciting places and while books and movies are a great start to expand your horizons, you might also be looking something slightly more immersive. That’s where our video game collection comes in handy. If you haven’t checked it out before, now is the perfect time. It is a fun way to sample a new game and you can travel everywhere from fantasy lands to space without going further than your library. Today I’m looking at five recently added games available for PS4, but we also have a variety of games for other systems like the XboxOne as well.

House Flipper [for PS4]
Tired of being stuck in your house; wish you could live somewhere new? House Flipper allows you to buy and remodel homes; fun for both those who are interested in home repairs and those who love decorating. Rated E for Everyone!

Deliver Us the Moon [for PS4]
Wonder what it would be like to be an astronaut in space? In a not far off future, after Earth has begun to run out of natural resources, you are sent on a solo mission to the moon. Can you save humanity? This game is rated T for teen due to fantasy violence.

Port Royale 4 [for PS4]
Wish you could go back in time instead? In Port Royale 4 you will experience what it was like in the 17th Century Caribbean from creating trade routes to navel battles. This game is rated everyone 10+.

Pathfinder: Kingmaker [for PS4]
Interested in escaping into a fantasy world? Explore Golarion and create your character, you have 1,000 of different skills and abilities to choose from! The game is rated Teen due to some blood and violence.

Fishing Sim World: Pro Tour [for PS4]
Maybe you don’t want to do anything more exotic than just get out and enjoy fishing again; till you are back on the lake, we still have you covered. In Fishing Sim World: Pro Tour you can compete against over 100 pro anglers, catching 38 different species of fish. This game is rated E for everyone.

Written by:
Aimee Harris
Head of Information and Digital Services

Adult Retro Gaming at HPL

10 Aug

Ed. note: Did you know that the Hoboken Public Library has a vast collection of loanable video games for platforms such as the Wii, XBox 360, and PlayStation 4? We have the latest games, but sometimes we like to play the old-school games too. 🙂 

Please join us for Adult Retro Gaming on Monday August 15 at 6 PM, as part of our ongoing library programming series “Why Do Kids Have All the Fun?”  Open to all adults ages 18 and up, come in play or just even root on your friends to set a High Score on some of your favorite retro video games such as the following timeless Atari Classics.



Missile Command

Missle Command

Space Invaders

Space Invaders.jpg

We will serve hot pizza and fresh Popcorn from our popcorn maker, all set to the backdrop of early 1980s pop music!  Setting those high scores might even net you a Target gift card!

If seeing any of these screen shots sparks your nostalgia and kicks in your competitive juices, please call the Reference Department at 201-420-2347 or sign up at Eventbrite.

-Written by Philip Mendez, Senior Library Assistant

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