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Visually Stunning and Poetic Horror: Santa Sangre

28 Jul

If the movie, Santa Sangre, was a car; at first you might think Alfred Hitchcock was driving but behind the wheel is talented director, Alejandro Jodorowsky. What you have from Jodorowsky is a first class trip to destination Santa Sangre.

This movie definitely falls under the Avant Garde, even phantasmagorical category rather than just calling it a horror flick or psychological thriller. I’d like to think of it as a psychological fairy tale with an arsenal of symbolic references that at first seem to be going nowhere; but then, you reach the end of the film and it comes together. Get ready for a visually stunning and poetic tale of of everything human that leads to murder. This movie’s artistic beauty balances the visceral gore and sexual content that the film contains.

Besides DVD and Blu-Ray editions available from BCCLS libraries, Hoboken Library patrons have access to Santa Sangre through Kanopy. Also available from Kanopy is an exclusive making-of documentary featuring interviews with the cast and crew.

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Written by:
Sacha Chavez
Reference Assistant

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