About Our Blog

Hello library patrons! Welcome to the Hoboken Public Library’s Staff Picks blog, where the staff of the Hoboken Public Library hopes to guide you to some interesting books, movies, music, comics, etc, etc., that perhaps you didn’t know about before.

A variety of librarians will provide reviews and suggestions on different collections at the library and in the wider BCCLS (Bergen County Cooperative Library System) – fiction, non-fiction, movies, music, comics/manga, etc, etc.

If you have any suggestions for our collection just let us know: books (print or eBooks), music, movies, video games, comics, children’s materials, young adult materials, etc, etc. You can send us an email (reference AT hoboken.bccls.org), give us a call at 201-420-2347, or leave comments on the blog.

Let’s make our collection better for everyone together!

Note: Images are from the BCCLS Library Catalog, unless otherwise indicated.

Hoboken Public Library

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