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A Chilling Thriller: The Sundown Motel

19 Aug

While we all try to survive the summer staying cool, especially during this unusual time, many of us may find different ways to get that much needed chill. For some, it’ll be enjoying breeze of their air conditioner and for others, it’s the chill that comes with a good horror story. A good ghost story knows when do deliver just the right amount of chill to the reader and still deliver a tale of terror. This is where The Sun Down Motel by Simone St. James comes in. 

We have two different narratives set in two different time periods, each one centering around one particular building, the book’s namesake, The Sun Down Motel. Both of these narratives have strings that tie them together. First we have Viv Delaney, in 1982, who takes a job at the Sun Down after leaving home; she begins to look into a series of murders following the discovery of the motel’s haunted secrets. Second, we have Carly Kirk, in 2017, who is investigating the disappearance of her Aunt Viv, whose last known location was the Sun Down Motel. 

The narrative story telling for both of these parts is done well, both women have their own distinct voices while also having the similarity that ties them together as family. While that aspect of the story shines, there are some parts of the tail horror fans may find disappointing. We get only some parts with the actual ghosts haunting the motel, with other plot threads that just seem to be there rather than actually go anywhere and a good chunk of the ending that happens off screen instead of the characters actually being present for. The rest of the ending feels rushed and makes you wonder if the author had missed a deadline or two. Overall, while an excellent thriller, it lacks in the spooks department and may not be the story horror fans are looking for. If you are someone who enjoys a good thriller, this one may be for you.

Written By:
Lauren Lapinski
Circulation Assistant

Action Packed Sci-Fi: Golden Son

5 Aug

Second books in a trilogy can be a tricky thing. They have to follow the build up from the first book and still maintain the attention of the reader while continuing the story from where it last left off. Such is the case of Golden Son, the second book of the Red Rising Trilogy

The opening starts off with quite a literal bang and leads us right into a thrilling story with a conclusion that will leave the reader dying for book three. While there are some slower moments throughout Golden Son, they are moments that help to weave the tapestry of the narrative, Pierce Brown has written. The pacing over all is well done and the character work is just as excellent as ever before, even introducing us to new characters, readers are sure to love as much as the original cast.

Of course it wouldn’t be much of a sci-fi book without space battles and for those looking for quality action, you need look no further. Brown delivers on all these fronts from exciting ship battles to one on one fights; every fight leaves the reader satisfied.

This is excellent second for the trilogy and one fans of Red Rising will love.

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Written by:
Lauren Lapinski
Circulation Assistance

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