Flawlessly Written Dark Fantasy: Jay Kristoff’s Nevernight

6 May

If there is anything one should take note of, it is that Nevernight is not YA. That is not insult YA by any means, but this is a simple fact that needs to be stated. Many are of the belief that this book in intended for a YA audience, however, upon reading the first chapter, one quickly learns that is not the case.

Enter our protagonist, Mia Corvere, a girl out for revenge against the man who murdered her family. She must find the Red Church and pass each each trial if she wishes to achieve this goal.

Kristoff’s writing for this is flawless, everything from the narration down to the footnotes pulls you into the story’s grip and refuses to let go. It’s an excellent introduction to the trilogy and builds the perfect amount of hype for the next two books to follow. If you’re seeking a dark fantasy with memorable characters, vicious fight scenes, and a great revenge plot, then Nevernight is the book for you.

Looking for YA works written by Kristoff? You can read a previous blog post about another of Kristoff’s books, Illuminae, part of a YA series co-written with Amie Kaufman.

Written by:
Lauren Lapinski
Circulation Assistant

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