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Teaching Children to Live in a Diverse World: Big Feelings

8 Jun

The picture book, Big Feelings by Alexandra Penfold & Suzanne Kaufman, is a perfect read for preschoolers and elementary age children. This book sends a message to all children about learning to live in a diverse world . The book also displays a colorful world on each page with children of different ethnicities and abilities working together to solve problems. In the book children are faced with different feelings such as sad, happy, mad and the bigger question that is raised is “How can I help?”. Throughout the book the children help work through all problems that arise, together, as one community. This book is now in the New Juvenile Picture book section of the Grand Street library branch as well as part of the collections of the Main Hoboken Library Branch and other BCCLS libraries. 

Written By:
Vanetta Rivera
Library Assistant
Grand Street Branch 

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