Discover Black Life in America and other resources for Black History Month at the Hoboken Public Library

15 Feb

As we celebrate Black History Month, this is a relevant time to take a look at the reference digital resources and ebooks that chronicle, and bring a greater understanding of the experience of being Black in the United States that the Hoboken Public Library has to offer.

Black Life in America
Black Life in America is the most comprehensive digital archive of primary source documents related to Black American life. This collection is sourced from more than 19,000 global media outlets, including over 400 current and historical Black publications, dating from 1704 to today. Black Life in America is powered by NewsBank, the world’s premier provider of newspapers and other news sources online.

More than 800 Suggested Searches, organized by historical eras, themes, topical areas and events, provide direct links to useful content. The resource is updated daily. It can be accessed in the library or remotely by all Hoboken library resident card holders. Contact the library: for assistance in accessing the resource.

Black Freedom Struggles in the United States
You can also access Black Freedom Struggle in the United States: Challenges and Triumphs in the Pursuit of Equality provided by Proquest which includes over 3,000 documents focused on six different phases of Black Freedom: Slavery and the Abolitionist Movement (1790-1860), The Civil War and the Reconstruction Era (1861-1877), Jim Crow Era from 1878 to the Great Depression (1878-1932), The New Deal and World War II (1933-1945), The Civil Rights and Black Power Movements (1946-1975), and The Contemporary Era (1976-2000).

Ebooks and Digital Audiobooks available from eBCCLS, eLibraryNJ, and/or Hoopla
Under the Skin
by Linda Villarosa
A landmark book that tells the full story of racial health disparities in America, revealing the toll racism takes on individuals and the health our nation. A link between racial discrimination and the health of Black Americans is explored.

Trayvon Generation
by Elizabeth Alexander
The lives and attitudes of young people in Black America who were murdered in their prime are explored in this moving refection. The murder of Trayvon Martin in 2012 is used as a starting point for this powerful discussion.

Half American
by Matthew Delmont
The definitive history of WWII from the African American perspective. Over one million Black men and women served in WWII at home and abroad, but many were denied housing and educational opportunities afterwards.

His Name is George Floyd
by Robert Samuels
A landmark biography that reveals how systemic racism shaped George Floyd’s life and legacy – from his family’s roots in the NC tobacco fields to ongoing inequality in housing, education, health care, criminal justice and policing.

Freedom! Story of the Black Panther Party
by Jetta Grace Martin
A well-researched story about the Black Panther Party for young readers. It focuses on the party members, their supporters and allies, the Free Breakfast Program and the Ten Point Program.  

Black Birds in the Sky
Brandy Colbert
A searing account of the history and legacy of one of the most deadly and destructive acts of racial violence in American history: the Tulsa Race Massacre. On June 1, 1921, a white mob marched into a black neighborhood and razed 35 square blocks, leaving hundreds dead.

Black History Month Events
The Library is hosting a variety of events in celebration of Black History Month.
Black History Month Trivia (for Teens) Wed., Feb. 15 4 pm
Plant and Grow in Community Saturday, Feb. 19 3 pm
Art with Liz: featuring artist Lorna Simpson Wed., Feb. 22 10 am
What’s New Book Club: “Memphis” by Tara Stringellow Wed., Feb. 22 5 pm
Virtual Museum Tour: National Museum of African American History & Culture Thursday, Feb. 23 3 pm
Community Mentorship: Transforming Our Youth at HHA Sat., Feb. 25 1 pm
Well-Read Book Club: “Wandering in Strange Lands” by Morgan Jerkins Sat., Feb. 25 3 pm

Posted by:
Aimee Harris
Information and Digital Services Manager

eBook Listing Compiled by:
Ethan Galvin
Information and Digital Services Librarian

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