Like a Blanket on a Chilly Day: Legends & Lattes

23 Nov

Cozy stories are something that have been around for quite some time, Agatha Christie pioneered the cozy mystery genre with her work. For some time, it was often the mystery genre that was usually associated with the concept of a cozy story, many of them featuring covers with cats, dogs, quilts, cookies, and other such things associated with being comfy. Lately, however, other genres have begun to take on this subgenre and one of the books leading the cinnamon scented charge is  Legends & Lattes by Travis Baldree.

Leading our cast of characters is Viv, an orgeress and warrior who decides to retire from her life in adventuring and open a coffee shop in the hopes of living out the rest of her days in quiet contentment, carrying with her a mysterious stone said to bring luck and fortune to whoever holds it. Through her we meet the rest of the cast and her journey bringing her coffee shop to life.

Baldree’s writing is as charming as it is whimsical, keeping each chapter interesting while still working at a pace that goes with the vibe the novel sets. It’s a dash of slice-of-life, but still with all the hallmarks of a fantasy novel that may remind some of the old fantasy cartoons of old. 

The characters also add their own flare and spice to the story, from the timid mouse Thimble to the spirited Tandry, they all add to the overarching plot and stakes (albeit very low stakes) of this book. Each one is interesting without disrupting the mellow vibe of the book and yes, this book does have its villain and mischief makers.  The descriptions of the food and beverages served at the title’s namesake cafe will leave you wishing Thimble would write a cookbook with all of the delectable goodies that he bakes throughout the story.

The warmth and charm of this book is one that will leave you craving coffee and cinnamon rolls while still providing you a comforting sense of adventure that feels very much like a blanket on a chilly winter day.

Written by:
Lauren Lapinski
Information and Digital Services Assistant

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