A Cozy Mystery Series Favorite: Donna Andrew’s Round Up the Usual Peacocks

3 Aug

Donna Andrew’s first book in her Meg Langslow series, Murder with Peacocks, was set during a series of weddings that the main character Meg, a blacksmith, was scheduled to participate in as maid of honor.  Quirky family shenanigans ensued and a romance that has grown throughout the series blossomed.  Murder with Peacocks received an Agatha Award for Best First Novel. This latest entry is a call back to the 1999 original, with the wedding of Meg’s brother and his charming fiancé Delaney. 

Rather than multiple weddings to contend with, an additional plot line is weaved throughout the latest novel of a possible threat to Meg’s nephew, Kevin, and his fellow podcaster who may have gotten too close to solving one of the cold case mysteries they broadcast about.  If you love Only Murders in the Building than this storyline will appeal.   

The main delight of the Meg Langslow series is always the crazy cast of relatives and friends that Meg is surrounded by.  If you ever longed for a loving extended family that go in for huge family gatherings than this will be a delight.  Also in each of the mysteries since the first, some sort of bird has been part of the mystery or at least been featured in a subplot, in this case again we have the peacocks who are as ornery as they are beautiful. 

With Round Up the Usual Peacocks, Donna Andrew’s again proves why she is my favorite cozy mystery author! You can read several of my past blogs about Andrew’s works including Murder Most Fowl and The Twelve Jays of Christmas. I’m looking forward to what comes next in her Christmas release Dashing Through the Snowbirds, which is scheduled to be available in October.

If you are a mystery fan, make sure to check out our library’s Mystery Book Club; you can email for more information: rosary.vaningen @ hoboken.bccls.org.

Written by:
Aimee Harris
Information and Digital Services Manager

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