A Confidence Building Picture Book: Zuri Ray Tries Ballet 

29 Jun

In Zuri Ray Tries Ballet by Tami Charles and illustrated by Sharon Sordo, Zuri is an adventurous kid that is always willing to try new extraordinary things, but not ordinary things. She loves trying these new adventures with her BFFD (best friend from diapers) Jessie Colon. Jessie decides that they should try ballet camp and Zuri is especially nervous to take this adventure on. When the girls are in ballet class the instructor tries to teach the girls the five basic steps of ballet but Zuri just can not catch on as quickly as Jessie. Zuri wants to quit until her dad and the instructor encourage her to be herself. The instructor tells Zuri, “ You don’t have to move or look like everyone else to be a dancer.” This really boosts Zuri’s self esteem and gave her confidence on returning back to class. This Juvenile Picture book is perfect for teaching young children to be confident in who they are and in anything they pursue.  This book is now in the New Juvenile Picture Book section at the Grand Street branch and other BCCLS locations. 

Written By:
Vanetta Rivera
Library Assistant 
Grand Street Branch 

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