A Recommended Picture Book for Black History Month: The 1619 Project Born on the Water

23 Feb

The book The 1619 Project Born on the Water is now available as a picture book for children. The book highlights the struggles of oppression and the slavery of  Black African Americans. The authors, Nikole Hannah-Jones and Renée Watson takes the reader through the Kingdom of Ndongo to the 200 mile march along the Kwanza River that bridges the gap between Africa and the United States. This book gives young readers an insight of the lives of African Americans before they were enslaved. I am most captivated that Nikole Hannah-Jones chose to turn her book into a lyrical chronological format that consists of 36 poems. Nikkolas Smith’s illustrations in the book are very detailed and the colors chosen are earth tones which correlate with the story. The 1619 Project Born on the Water is now available to patrons at both our Main Branch and Grand Street Branch as well as from eLibraryNJ and eBCCLS.

By :
Vanetta River
Library Assistant 
Grand Street Branch 

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