Don’t Buy Holiday Gifts, Make Them!: Learn How with Craftsy Instructional Video Classes via Hoopla

3 Nov

Now that we are able to venture out a bit further again you might be looking for what you can serve and give for the holidays, but if you don’t have a lot of cash or you simply want to give something that has the added sentiment of being homemade you can get the knowledge and support you need with Craftsy.

With Craftsy, you can learn a new skill, master a hobby, or discover new techniques.  As they say, “Don’t Just Dream It. Make It.” Through a partnership with Hoopla, Craftsy’s dynamic instructional video content is now available to Hoboken Library patrons.  As someone who loves baking I was excited to see videos on everything from fanciful cupcakes to sourdough bread.  I can’t wait to watch the class on croissant making, something my French grandmother would make regularly, but I’m intimidated to try my hand at. 

There are plenty of videos to impress your Thanksgiving guests including a series that will take turkey newbies on the road to becoming roasting masters.  For dessert the Fall Foliage course will give you an adorable cake topper in a few easy steps and Classic Pies Made Easy will give you the knowledge to make the best traditional sweet potato pie or be more adventurous and watch and learn how to make a fanciful meringue creation.

For the December holidays aspiring bakers can check out how to make their own Challah bread for Chanukah or view Holiday Cookies for ideas for creating snowmen, reindeer and Santa!.  It isn’t just the kitchen where Crafty shines you can also take courses on sewing and knitting so you can do everything from make your own tree skirt to making Fair Isle Holiday Ornaments or quilted gifts for your loved ones.

Looking to learn more with instructor lead courses, check out Universal Class, also available to Hoboken Patrons.  Universal Class has computer classes and many other continuing education options, but it is also chockful of crafting, cooking, and other topics that will get your creative juices flowing including topics like painting, candle making, digital photography, pie baking, cookie making, sewing and soap creation under the Arts, Crafts & Hobbies category.

Written by:
Aimee Harris
Head of Information and Digital Services

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