A Different View of Mulan: Reflection by Elizabeth Lim

11 Nov

In the Young Adult Department, we have an excellent young adult book called Reflection by Elizabeth Lim that is part of the Disney Twisted Tales Series. The story takes off as if you were channeling into the middle of an action-packed movie. You are thrown into battle with Mulan against Shan Yu’s Han Army at the snowy banks on a Mountain of the Tung-Shao Pass. Like the movie, Shan Yu pursues Mulan as she points the rocket towards the mountain’s peak. You, the reader, are put in her shoes as she can’t help feeling obligated to do her duty to save her fellow soldiers and China. But there’s a twist; just as Mulan was about to set the rocket towards the mountain, General Li Shang jumps into action to protect Mulan from Shan Yu’s lethal attack and is wounded instead of Mulan. The Hun Army is destroyed but at the cost of a gravely injured Li Shang.  

Here’s where the book takes off in a different direction than what we as Mulan fans are used to. Because of Li Shang’s declining health, Mulan is desperate to find a way of keeping him alive. When night falls, she’s approached by the spirit of Shang’s recently deceased father, General Li! General Li has Mulan agree to go into the underworld of Diya to ask King Yama to spare Li Shang’s soul from being reincarnated. This book pays respect to the Mulan movie while giving it an incredible twist. The reader gets to explore a new side of Mulan’s narrative, as well as learn about Chinese mythology through Mulan’s quest to save Li Shang’s spirit in a world of monsters, ghosts, and demons, oh my!

Besides print, you can also check out an ebook from Hoopla or eBCCLS/Overdrive and even come inside the library to check out some other Mulan oriented materials including the animated film.

Written by:
Elbie Love

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