Subtle Horror: House of Salt and Sorrows

22 Jul

Whenever anything horror related is connected to fantasy, it often falls under the genre of grim-dark, things like The Witcher, A Song of Ice and Fire, The First Law series, and The Broken Empire trilogy just to name a few. All of these have elements of violence and some semblance of horror to them. But for all of the ones that have these elements out on full display, how many fantasy ones use it in a more subtle way? Horror can be a utterly shocking, but it can also be used to build up a quite atmosphere of dread and fear throughout the story it’s telling.

This is where House of Salt and Sorrows comes into play. Written by Erin A. Craig, it tells the story of the Thaumas sisters, once known as the Thaumas Dozen, four of them having died a tragic death prior to the book’s beginning. Our protagonist, Annaleigh, one of the remaining sisters is attending the funeral of the fourth latest dead sister when the book starts. When she starts to receive hints that the death of her sisters maybe no accident, she starts to investigate who could be behind the possible murders.

Part retelling of Grimm’s The Twelve Dancing Princesses and part horror suspense novel, Craig weaves a fantastical tale that will satisfy those looking for a story with strong fairy tale horror vibes.

Written By:
Lauren Lapinski
Circulation Assistant

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