Have Your Story Become Part of Our Hoboken History Collection

1 May

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These are, to say the least, very trying and unusual times we find ourselves in right now. These times will indeed be studied by our descendants in the future, looking back upon how we lived and coped with remaining inside and isolated from one another in order to protect each other, especially our most vulnerable neighbors, from disease.

We can make it a bit easier on future historians right now in a few ways.

Firstly, if you haven’t yet, please fill out the 2020 Census! That’ll make it a lot easier for your descendants to find you later when they’re looking for details about your life. It’ll also help Hoboken get the right amount of funding for the community in the present, so it’s definitely important.

And secondly, I implore you all to record your experiences right now. Write them down in a diary, film them, photograph them. Document what is happening in your home and your life and all around you. Record everything. The Hoboken Public Library would like to hear your COVID-19 stories: we’re building an archive of Hoboken’s response to the pandemic and stories from Hoboken residents are intended to be a big part of that collection! Send us your writing, your photos, your videos, and more, and we will consider them for preservation for historical posterity.

To submit your stories to us, please email them to reference@hoboken.bccls.org or stephanie.diorio@hoboken.bccls.org. In return, we’ll email you a Deed of Gift to fill out to commemorate your donation and make it official.

In the future, we also plan to begin an oral history project, and COVID-19 stories will likely be a big part of that, so stay tuned for details on that, as well! In the meantime, please send us anything you feel we should save for the collection – we’ll be ever thankful, and generations to come will have your story and develop a better understanding of the world we’re currently working together to survive in!

With all my thanks,
Steph Diorio
Archivist/Local History Librarian

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