Everything You Want in a Thriller: Lock Every Door

1 Apr

Lock Every Door

Riley Sager’s newest thriller, Lock Every Door introduces us to Jules Larsen, who has just received the mother load of second chances after being hired as an apartment sitter for the prestigious Bartholomew. There she befriends Ingrid, a fellow apartment sitter, who warns her that the building is not what it seems and disappears only a few days later.

This is everything you can want in a thriller, excellent writing, an engaging protagonist, and a mystery that keeps you guessing at every step of the way. Sager’s storytelling skills shine in this novel and the reader will find themselves plunged into the danger that Jules experiences throughout the book.

The flaws of this book exist, but are few and far between. We find out the identity of the antagonists far too early and the change in personality does come off as a bit cartoony after we learn the truth of what’s going on. The twist in the story is also something some readers will love but others maybe disappointed with. All in all, this is a great one to scratch that thriller itch and one I would highly recommend.  It is available as an ebook from eLibraryNJ and ebook and digital audiobook from eBCCLS.

Written by:
Lauren Lapinski
Circulation Assistant

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