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Celebrate LGBTQ Pride with Hudson County and HPL!

17 Aug

Hoboken and the rest of Hudson County are celebrating LGBTQ Pride this month. In honor of Hudson County’s Pride Month, the award-winning poet Robert Anthony Gibbons will present a poetry reading from his chapbook Flight, dedicated to his former lover and the year they spent touring favorite U.S. sites. He will also present a staged reading from the Tony Award-winning play “Angels in America: A Gay Fantasia on National Themes” by Tony Kushner. The performance will be held on Sunday, August 28 at 1:00 pm in the Large Programming Room. Click here to RSVP.

Here is a list of great LGBTQ Fiction titles to check out from HPL and other BCCLS Libraries!

The Torqued Man
by Peter Mann
Two manuscripts emerge in Berlin in 1945 charting the relationship of an Irish spy and a German military intelligence officer and anti Nazi. An intriguing new thriller!

Sweetness of Water
by Nathan Harris
In the waning days of the Civil War, a forbidden romance between two Confederate soldiers unfolds. When their secret is revealed, chaos erupts, including murder.

One Last Stop
by Casey McQuiston
A cynical 23-year old woman develops a subway crush on a beautiful young woman that she sees everyday. A romance where the impossible becomes possible.

Let’s Get Back to the Party
by Zak Salih
A high school art teacher wants to settle down with another man. He reconnects with a childhood friend and hopes this will be his second chance.

Broken People
by Sam Lansky
A neurotic, depressed gay man, new to L.A., meets a shaman who claims to perform “open soul surgery” on emotionally damaged people. What will the results be?

The Heron’s Cry
by Ann Cleeves
A gay detective investigates a murder at the home of a group of artists. He discovers that the murder victim’s male lover may be a suspect. The detective must wade through all the lies.

In a Midnight Wood
by Ellen Hart
A private investigator and her lover are planning a little getaway, but a cold murder case interferes when the remains of a body are discovered. Secrets and lies abound.

Willa & Hesper
by Amy Feltman
A whirlwind romance involving two women and their fractured family histories. This soul-piercing debut explores past & present, queerness, and coming of age in uncertain times.

Book Recommendations from:
Information and Digital Services Librarian
Ethan Galvin

A Delightfully Decadent YA Debut: Cake Eater

10 Aug

“Cake Eater” is a term that typically applies to rich people who are seen as overly privileged and comes from a supposed quote from Marie Antoinette when told pheasants did not have bread to eat that then they should eat cake. Allyson Dahlin’s, debut novel, Cake Eater is set in the year 3070 when a teenage Marie Antoinette has arrived at Versailles to marry the sweet, but shy Louis-Auguste. Cake Eater is her secret identity when she posts online about political intrigue that she does not want traced back to her.

Marie is a social media influencer as well as princess who gets many likes for her over the top looks, but is finding it difficult to connect to the people in her new home. And beyond the parties and bright lights, darkness is looming. This is a post apocalyptic world in which much of the human population was decimated and only a few big cities are left trying to recreate what human civilization was previously like. Will this Marie make the same mistakes that plagued her predecessor or will she escape her fate? Does history repeat; can it be rewritten? How much control do influencer have and how much are they controlled by the products they push?

There is a lot baked into this cake with a mix of cyberpunk, history, and rom-com, yet it all comes together as a mostly satisfying whole. Though marketed as YA, this book will also appeal to adults.

Fan’s of Sofia Coppola’s film, Marie Antoinette, staring Kirsten Dunst and filled with contemporary music will be delighted by this novel’s blend of history and future speculation. You can also check out my review of Farewell My Queen for another unique take on the original Marie’s life.

Written by:
Aimee Harris
Information and Digital Services Manager

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